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Frequently Asked Questions


When Will U-Pick Begin?: Berries have a mind of their own, but sometime in the end of June

What Are Your Picking Hours: We Pick Every Day but Wednesday by reservation only. Reservations are available at 9, 10:30, 12, 1:30 and 6:00 pm

How Much Is U-Pick? $4.00 a pound 

What Method of Payments Do You Accept? We accept Credit Cards, Cash and Local Checks with Valid ID

Do you Allow Children?: Yes! We're happy to invite children back to the farm for our  2022 season. 

Do You Allow Dogs?:  No animals are permitted in the picking fields. Service Animals are permitted in the field as long as they are able to follow the guidelines laid out in circular 1153.

  • The animal must be kept between rows 

  • The animal must  not be allowed to cross over,  trample or otherwise damage plants.

  • The animal should only be allowed to defecate or urinate in designated areas

  • If for some reason the individual (handler) is unable to maintain control of their service animal, then staff may ask that the service animal be removed from the facility. This includes instances where an animal defecates in a produce field or in a similarly unacceptable location.

What Type of Farm Are You?

We are a Conventional Farm Dedicated to Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive Practices when it comes to fertilization and pest management and sustainable crop production. You can find out more about Sustainable Farming Practices at

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